Making Safe Drinking Water for Life!

Figure 1

Presently, I am limiting the scope of H2oHow to the point-of-use, hazardous water treatment model shown in Figure 1.
The model begins with testing the water source for natural contamination. Our main concern is harmful bacteria and sediments that cause the water to become unpleasantly turbid.  Water containing hazardous levels of salt, minerals, metals, and chemical pollutants are beyond the present scope of our model to treat.  If no harmful bacteria are found, then the water is checked for turbidity and filtered as needed before heading to storage. Where bacteria are found, the water is checked for turbidity and filtered to remove sediments.  Depending on the type of filter used, the water is checked again for bacteria and disinfected as needed using either chlorination (preferred), pasteurization or solar disinfection (SODIS) before heading to storage.




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